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Posted by Hans Gaasenbeek on

Thank you Jonathan, it works..! And it sounds logical too...Well, I guess this could raise a whole new question 'should newbies be allowed to run OpenACS?' - well, I am trying to, and learning every day 😉

Well, as far as I am concerned, this method is simple enough.

I read somewhere that the problem with European characters (what a character é!) had to do with nsd8x, and that it wasn't there in nsd76. Strange how many workarounds are being offered, a bit confusing e.g. is it a Postgres problem, or AOLServer problem, or a combined problem, or no problem at all? Compiling PostgreSQL with options like

--enable-locale --enable-multibyte=UNICODE --enable-unicode-conversion

is no option for the rpm install so... I read your remark in this thread about characters etc. and will try it. Thanks!