Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to having problems with the installing openacs4

Posted by S. Y. on
Note that there are some versions of the nsd.tcl file that will check to see if keyfile.pem and certfile.pem variables have been set, and then they will try to load the module at the very bottom of the script. There are other versions of the nsd.tcl file that simply have the nsssl(e).so module listed in the modules section and expect that you, the server administrator, have set things up properly.

I forget what happens if module doesn't even exist, but if it does exist and the certfile and keyfile aren't readable, then nsd will die (I was just mucking around with this myself earlier today and witnessed it). I had $sslkeyfile and $sslcertfile set to the appropriate files and in the nsssl module section I had the parameters set to $sslkeyfile.pem and $sslcertfile.pem (meaning, AOlserver was unsuccessfully looking for files called keyfile.pem.pem and certfile.pem.pem). Doh!
Good luck.