Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS Repository Change Causing Error?

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I have a 5.1.2 installation and I'm trying to install Calendar from the repository.  It fails because gunzip doesn't recognize the format of the downloaded apm:

gunzip: /tmp/fileOdrSPc.apm: not in gzip format

I have previously installed on this server using the Repository and everything worked fine.  My guess is that since the upgrade, something changed with the Repository.

I would have filed a bug, but I don't see an area in the bugtracker for "OpenACS Repository".

Others having this problem?  Thoughts?  Solutions?

Posted by Walter McGinnis on
While doing this by hand, if I simply tack on a ".gz" extension, gzip can deal with the file.
Posted by Dave Bauer on
Thanks to Richard Hamilton who tracked this down. The host name in the AOLserver config file was changed to causing requested to to be redirected.

The code to download repository files was not following redirects.

I fixed the config file. This will cause anyone who did not have a cookie to login again, but it fixes the repository.

Posted by Walter McGinnis on
Thanks Richard and Dave for resolving this.