Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to having problems with the installing openacs4

Posted by S. Y. on
Carl's right. It looks like whatever file you're trying to access (maybe your document root is misconfigured in your nsd.tcl file), the server can't find. If the doc root is misconfigured, it's not going to find your 404 and 500 redirect pages. I strongly suggest you to try serving up plain old HTML pages before chasing down OpenACS problems. If nsd can't find your 404 and 500 redirect pages, something is probably really messed up with your config file.

Your log file is pretty hard to read. Next time please wrap PRE tags around the output and post as HTML (this is a good thing to do if you post your nsd.tcl file, code fragments, etc.). If you post to an OpenACS or Classic ACS bboard as "plain text", only double carriage returns will signify a paragraph. Single carriage returns are totally ignored and sentences are strung together to form a paragraph until the next double carriage return.