Forum OpenACS Development: RSS enclosure support added in 0.3d3

The rss-support package has been updated with support for RSS enclosures ( ).

To add an enclosure, assign values for three variables -- enclosure_url, enclosure_type and enclosure_length -- in the item info list. Here's sample code from file-storage, for which I'll be committing enclosure support momentarily:

lappend iteminfo \
enclosure_url "${pretty_folder_url}$file_upload_name" \
enclosure_type $type \
enclosure_length $content_size

The changes are committed on the oacs-5-1 branch. If you're working from CVS, be sure to upgrade in APM as this requires a data model upgrade. Upgrades and vanilla installation have been tested against both Postgres and Oracle, so, priase Murphy, this should work. The openacs-5-1-compat tag for rss-support has been bumped up to include these changes.