Forum OpenACS Q&A: AOLserver+OpenACS 4 distribution Testing

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Okay, I seem to have made it work with the help of fellow #openacs'ers, especially Mark, Gilbert and Psychephylax. (BTW, those not on #openacs at are missing out. Lots of learning happen in that channel).

I made this tarball so that it would be easier for people to build all the AOLserver modules necessary for usage with OpenACS 4. That does NOT mean it is officially "endorsed" by the OpenACS project (it is not yet), but it may in the future.

So if you'd like to help me test this, especially in architectures/OS's other than Intel/Linux that'd be great. I made a README and INSTALL files that should explain what needs to be done, but basically:

- untar

- cd aolserver3_3_ad13/root/arsdigita-aol3

- ./

This will make AOLserver and all the modules we need, including nsxml and I did not include the Oracle driver in the build because I'm tired of messing with makefiles. We should really support autoconf/automake. But it's easy to build the Oracle driver by hand.

So please help me smoke test this. Read the README and INSTALL files.