Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 15 Dec 2004

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Present: Joel, Don, Jade, Andrew, DaveB

oacs-5-2 and openacs foundation deferred because Jeff could not attend.

Old business:
Two major problem areas remaining with upgraded For forums:
Don is working on upgrade scripts to improve the performance of thread counts.
DaveB is working on implementing Jeff's UI improvements to forum. He will put this on the openacs dev site ( for comment.
The spellcheck and rich-text fixes are in cvs already and will be in the next releases of core and forums.

Don will fix its pagination

We reviewed the critical bugs ( and marked a few fixed and assigned a few. Joel will automate repository rebuilding with a scheduled proc. Jade will work on bug tracker permissions.

We deferred discussion of a roadmap until January.