Forum OpenACS Development: All bboard e-mails have as return address

The bboard uses acs-messaging to send e-mails to users who opted to be notified.

All messages handled by acs_messaging_process_queue are send with a 'from address' in the header of This is hardcoded in acs-messaging-procs.tcl!

I logged this as bug 1115 in the SDM. But I'm not sure if fixing acs-messaging is the right solution, as it will be replaced by acs-mail.

The point is though that this hard coded e-mail address should be replaced by a customizable parameter value.

yes, we're actually working on reworking bboard to use the
right acs-messaging stuff here at OpenForce. But thanks for pointing
this out: an annoying issue indeed.

Thanks. FYI, I also logged two other bboard bugs in SDM:

A similar problem to this is that Ticket Tracker sends mail out (to the asignee) from This should also be a parameter.

When I was testing this, I fixed the hard-coded reference in the offending module.