Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Problems with acs-content-repository content_folder and content_type

Hi Dan I have just updated the database and yes it has removed one of the problems... the one dealing with the content_folder... But it has changed the error message for the content_type__drop_attribute command. The Error Message now is:
psql:wp-slim-drop1.sql:61: NOTICE:  plpgsql: ERROR during compile of content_type__drop_attribute near line 28
psql:wp-slim-drop1.sql:61: ERROR:  parse error at or near ";"
And the wp-slim code is:

create function inline_3 ()
returns integer as'
  PERFORM content_type__drop_attribute(''cr_wp_attachment'', ''display'',''f'');return 0;
end;' language 'plpgsql';
select inline_3 ();
drop function inline_3 ();

I have checked the content_type__drop_atribute code and changed it as you instructed. It now looks like this:

  if NOT FOUND then
    raise EXCEPTION ''-20000: Attribute %:% does not exist in content_type.drop_attribute'', drop_attribute__content_type, drop_attribute__attribute_name;

I really dont know where to go from here and would appreciate any ideas on what I am supposed to do. Thanks again... your help is much appreciated Jack