Forum OpenACS Q&A: Henry's i18n patches (do more than just i18n!)

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Henry's patchfile openacs-japanese-325-patches seems to contain quite a few changes which are not i18n related too. Probably stuff he had changed in his local copy of OpenACS 3.2.5 and forgotten about? Including the infamous "let Ben see everything" change to sdm_check_admin which gives userid 4 extra priviledges, for example.

I am going through this patchset trying to pare them down to just the i18n patches. I can attempt to parameterize the "shift-jis" string constants while I am about it.

BTW, Henry, the problem (well, OK, one problem!) with Latin-1 is that strings get created as UTF-8 by nsd8x after regexp (for example) and if they are then sent to the client using ns_write rather than ns_return... the client is sent the UTF-8, but with a content-type header saying text/html or possibly text/html; charset=iso-8859-1 -- so the client displays the string incorrectly. Part of your openacs-japanese-325-patches solves that, but without such a change, there really is an issue displaying .html files that have Latin-1 characters in them, in OpenACS 3.2.5.

We really should try to solve this... so I'm making an attempt, using Henry's patchset as a starting point. The result so far is in the SDM as patch #44. I'd be happy if Henry and others could check this out and report how well or badly it works for them 😊