Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4 fails to install

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Don, OK.  I have the same results from using the interactive installer as my patched version of auto-install.tcl now.

Problem is, in both cases browsing to /register causes instant death of AOLserver, with no clear indication from logs as to why.  This also happens during attempts to install some (most?) non-core packages using /acs-admin/apm/packages-install.

Once I can install OpenACS4 and then install bboard (for example) and configure it and post a message or two to a bboard, I'll declare my auto-install.tcl useful and post a patch with my changes.

I don't *think* I'm seeing circ. dep. issues, because all the packages you mentioned seem to install fine, no errors.

BTW I went back to a nightly tarball from 18 Aug. and the behaviour is the same as with current (12 hours ago) CVS.  But the same installation of PG and AOLserver will run OpenACS 3.2.5 quite happily.

I'm told I may have to break out a debugger and attach it to nsd? But it seems odd this only happens to me, not to everyone else!?