Forum OpenACS Q&A: Two patches to aid debugging

Posted by Jerry Asher on
I have created two patches to AOLserver 3.3ad13 to help debugging. (You can find them at or at the AOLserver project at sourceforge)

The first patch, ns_loglevel, adds an ns_loglevel command to AOLserver. This command enables you to frob the log level of a running server from tcl.

ns_loglevel (?debug | ?dev)  (?on | ?off)
will turn debug (or dev) logging on.

The second patch, ns_poolverbosity, is similar.

ns_poolverbosity ?poolname ?on | ?off
Will turn the database pool verbose flag on or off for the specified poolname. This command is similar to the already existing ns_db verbose, except that the latter command is documented to set the pool verbose flag, but it really just sets one particular handle's verbose flag.

I find both of these commands most useful to use when telnetting into AOLserver's nscp port.