Forum OpenACS Development: Changing owner attribute in ported .info files?

Many OpenACS4 modules currently have the owner attribute in their .info files still set to the original module author(s). Since those folks may well not want to get requests for help, patches, etc that are for OpenACS versions of their code, should OACS4 porters change their .info files to

  • Add the porter's name and email address as an owner?
  • Remove any/all of the original author's owner info??
Posted by Ben Adida on
I think for anything functional (meaning where someone gets emailed),
email addresses should be changed to current porters. Out of
respect for the original authors, we should keep their names in there,
but maybe in commented XML? This should be done in a way where their names
remain since they did some of the original work, but in a way where
they won't get pinged for support cause that would be unpleasant to them.
Posted by Don Baccus on
I also need to change the APM so you can edit the URL for the package to be something other than aD ...

We can hand-edit .info files, of course, but they should be editable from the APM as well.

I'd think hand editing is 'good enough' for the alpha release, due in a few days.  The APM enhancements can safely wait for beta.  You probably have more urgent issues to deal with to get the alpha out the door than this one, Don 😊

So, porters... please add yourself as an owner= line in the .info file of module(s) you are porting, and comment out owner= lines for the original aD author(s) of your module(s).

The problem with commenting out the lines in XML is that whenever you generate a new file, the comments don't get saved. So I think I'll keep the aD author's name in place, but empty the url field in the owner tag. <owner>Joe Arsdigita</owner>