Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Not a Question but thanks to OpenACS team

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Thanks Don for making that change.  The site that I am working on is
not yet production but it will soon be.  Maybe the same day as OpenACS
4 goes alpha.  I have been updating my CVS almost everday and nuking
the DB about once a week. =)

Also to add the permissions UI has changed.  It used be the
inheritance is from the main site rather than the subsite.  I hated
that.  And I think by only listing the rights for that object, you dont
grant by accident bboard create on a file storage module.  That UI
update is a good
one too.

JMarsden is working on a non interactive install of the OpenACS 4.
Would anyone know if it can also non interactive install packages?
That would be great to install also the packages that you need rather
going to the APM.  Although that would make the "uncheck all boxes"
not that useful =)