Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Not a Question but thanks to OpenACS team

Posted by Don Baccus on
One thing we've discussed is implementing a way to replicate a given installation's package set.  The notion is that once you've finished implementing your staging site, you'd like to have a simple and error-free to not only install and enable the packages involved, but also the subsite instances (i.e. mount points) and parameters.

You can dump and restore the database, of course, but ... you also end
up with reams of bboard posts saying "test!" "Testing again!"  "Damn, it broke, testing again!" etc etc etc that need to be wiped and cleaned out, along with test users.  If you've been doing intensive testing, you'll probably re-install and rebuild the structure from scratch, which is tedious and leaves room for error.

So a clean way to replicate the structure while leaving the trash behind would be nice.  This would also be useful for bundling pre-configured vertical application suites ...