Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 28 Dec 2004

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Present: Caroline, Don, Jade, Joel, Malte
  1. OpenACS Core 5.1.4. Waiting for DaveB to fix bugs in CR TCL API. Possibly some other things pending from Andrew Grumet for .LRN 5.1.
  2. OpenACS 5.2 branch: waiting on 5.1.4 release
  3. Forums next release (1.1) is waiting for someone (Andrew?) to test the Oracle upgrade. The release after that, which will go on OpenACS, will be 1.2; discussion of 1.2 design issues deferred until Dave and Jeff are present.
  4. Malte proposed making help text mandatory for ad_form fields
  5. upgrade. Remaining problems are cataloged.
Posted by xx xx on
If bugs are cataloged in the general bugtracker, should the separate bugtracker still be available (

Is any special priority given to bugs?

Posted by Jade Rubick on
No special priority are given to bugs in either place.
Posted by xx xx on
Concerning 1./2.

CR didn't benefit from not having an UI in the past, IMO.

The docs say that CR is never supposed to have an UI, but I think it would be a good idea to include XCMS-UI in 5.2

AFAIK this package shows good practice of dealing with CR and I think including it in the core could stimulate use of CR.

Furthermore, if XCMS-UI doesn't get enough support, I am afraid it may just become the next out-of-date UI to CR.

Any opinions?

Posted by Dave Bauer on

I am planning on working on releasing this package so it is usable with OpenACS 5.1. This will require switching from the BCMS api to the CR api and cleanup to make sure it installs correctly.