Forum OpenACS Q&A: gc Full text search error

Posted by Ken Ninh on
My new installed 3.2.5 (from rpm) gives me the following error in /gc
full text search.  I checked the  createlang and the rank_for_search
function already in the acs db.  The bboard text search works fine.
Do I need anything in addition to rpm installation to get classifieds
search working?  Thanks.
sorry, but we found no matching ads for this request. Your query 
words were fed to Oracle ConText with instructions that they had to 
appear near each other. This is a good way of achieving high 
relevance for common queries such as "Nikon zoom lens". 
There are two basic ways in which we can expand your search: 

drop the proximity requirement 
expand the search words to related terms (fuzzy) 
Posted by Jerry Asher on
Hi Ken,

I am not sure if there is anyway in 3.2.5, out of the box, to search classified ads (but I don't believe there is.)

I have integrated htDig with OpenACS 3.2.5, and you can use that to search classified ads. You can find more details about that by searching this bboard, and also by visiting

Posted by Ken Ninh on
Thanks for your response.  I will try your patch.  However,  
I got gc text search working in 3.2.4 with some minor changes.  I
don't recall what I did so now I am trying to figure out the diff
between 3.2.5 and the 3.2.4 I have now.
Posted by Ken Ninh on
I cannot access today.  Does anyone have Jerry's
patch to enable /gc text search?  Thanks.