Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Trying the search package

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Just to confirm, the install is really smooth for the OpenACS parts of this; I just updated from CVS and reinstalled from scratch using my little script oacs4-startover (!), and it all came up fine.  In installed the search and note packages, and told acs-service-contract to "install" (strange choice of word here?) the bindings, and mounted the search and note packages.  All that "just works".

The creation of the ns_fts module for AOLserver is a little more involved, of course, since it involves recompiling C source code and assumes you have the AOLserver source code around too, and Tcl installed on your machine.  I'm playing with adding ns_fts to my AOLserver RPMs to make that part of the install easy also... an aolserver-nsfts RPM may well emerge.

BTW, the supplied is not very Red Hat friendly...
a patch will be available as soon as I am confident it works :-)

There is also some sort of issue where Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.1 uses the Tcl installation on the machine, and apparently assumes the version used within AOLserver will be the same version of Tcl?  Red Hat 6.2 comes with Tcl 8.0.5; AOLserver 3.3.1 comes with Tcl 8.3...

So far, after patching and supplying a --with-tcl parameter to the resulting configure script, I can at least build ns_fts under Red Hat 7.1 (which comes with Tcl 8.3.1)  -- but not under Red Hat 6.2.  Overall there is something not quite "feeling right" about assuming the version of Tcl on the machine is the same one as the one used when nsd was compiled, I think...?

Is there a way around this by pointing the Search-OpenFTS to look for the installed copy of Tcl under AOLserver's lib dir, maybe?  And meanwhile, is the AOLserver using Tcl 8.3 and Red Hat 7.1 using Tcl 8.3.1 slight mismatch likely to mean I am building an ns_fts that will behave badly?