Forum OpenACS Development: Patch for of Search-OpenFTS-tcl-0.1 for Red Hat PG dirs

OK, here's my patch to Running autoconf after applying this, and then doing ./configure --with-tcl=/usr/lib seems to build ns_ftp OK. All the patch does is have configure look in one more place for the PG include files, the RPMs as distributed by the PGDG put them in /usr/include/pgsql not /usr/include/postgresql.

---   Fri Aug 10 01:28:55 2001
+++        Tue Sep  4 13:33:35 2001
@@ -339,15 +339,18 @@
 if test -d "$PG_INSTALLATION_DIR"; then
         AC_MSG_CHECKING([looking for postgresql include files])
-        if test ! -f $PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include/postgres.h; then 
-                if test ! -f $PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include/postgresql/postgres.h; then
-                        AC_MSG_ERROR([couldn't find postgresql include files])
-                else
+        if test -f $PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include/postgres.h; then 
+                PG_INC="$PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include"
+       else
+                if test -f $PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include/postgresql/postgres.h; then
+                else
+                       if test -f $PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include/pgsql/postgres.h; then
+                               PG_INC="$PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include/pgsql"
+                       else
+                               AC_MSG_ERROR([couldn't find postgresql include files])
+                       fi
-        else
-                        PG_INC="$PG_INSTALLATION_DIR/include"
         AC_MSG_CHECKING([looking for postgresql libraries])