Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Problems with loading the calendar module

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on

Thanks for the commit of the missing files.  Your package now installs, and can be mounted successfully.

Two minor things so far:

(1) calendar requires the acs-datetime package... but the file does not specify this.  Could you add this requirement, so people don't have to track down why calendar is calling the non-existent proc dt_sysdate (which is what happens if you install calendar without acs-datetime!)?

(2) All other packages I have seen use a 'Name' that has an initial Capital.  But calendar thinks that its Name is 'calendar', rather than 'Calendar'.  That puts it at the end of the list of apps to mount, which confused me for a while -- I thought it was missing from the list, because it wasn't between Bboard and Clickthrough.  COuld you alter the name of the package to 'Calendar'?

Once I install acs-datetime as well as calendar, I then see your 'unique' select failure myself, and I'll try to post a solution for that in a short while... stay tuned!