Forum OpenACS Q&A: Weekly Newspaper with OpenACS

Posted by Bob OConnor on

I have a volunteer project to maintain the static website for a small weekly newspaper. The website has many of the articles that appear in print and some advertising.... Is there a canned solution with ACS to manage the web version of this paper:

  • Standard page format for newspaper with minor weekly changes. Currently, the background color of the masthead changes each week.
  • Reporters and Columnists can upload articles via browser
  • Uploaded articles are reviewed by editor, marked ok
  • New articles become live at certain time and old articles are archived.
  • Ad management
  • MORE....

I look forward to suggestions and like the OpenACS / Aolserver / Postgres solution. I'm looking not to write alot of customized code. This is a volunteer effort.

Thank you

Posted by David Kuczek on
Sounds like a job for the Content Management System of OpenACS 4.x

Check out the OpenACS 4.x Project Status at:

The CMS is marked "TESTING" for both Postgres and Oracle...

You shouldn't have to write a lot of customized code, although I never checked out the CMS myself. I only heard some people yelling about it, but I am sure that it will do what you want a small newspaper to do...

Posted by Roberto Mello on
You can also look at Museatech's Content Management System for OpenACS 4: ETP (Edit This Page). It's simpler and nicer to use than current CMS and it's built on top of the CMS data model.