Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Problems with loading the calendar module

Alright: the error I reported earlier in the log extract remains even when cal_items really does get created. So I dug a bit further, basically just playing with the offending query in psql.

The fix is easy, but I don't know why it is required. Advice from a real PG guru suggested 😊

The issue is with PG not being able to identify the type of the constant string in the ' ' as checked_p part of the select!

If you change that to

  select distinct(calendar_id) as calendar_id, calendar_name,
  ' '::varchar as checked_p
  from ...

then the query concerned works fine.

Could someone please exlain why PG is unable to figure out that ' ' is a string?? Anyway, at least you now have a suggested fix!

This fix moves the error I see to one from www/cal-dayview.tcl, where it looks like you have some "sql in a string" stuff going on that needs a careful looking over. I'm going to call a halt here for today, and let you folks debug that one 😊