Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 04 Jan 2005

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Present: Andrew, Caroline, Don, Jade, Joel, Malte, Rocael.
  1. Last week's stuff:
      Rocael's team is committing fixes for cr tcl api; after that is tested and DaveB approves, Joel will release 5.1.4. Andrew did not identify anything else pending for 5.1.4.
    1. 5.2 branching on hold
    2. Andrew is testing Oracle forums
    3. Malte is reworking his help text TIP
    4. Bugs are still outstanding on
  2. We discussed TIP 73.
  3. We discussed ways to gather usage statistics for OpenACS. Malte will write up proposals.
  4. Rocael offered to host in Feb 2005