Forum OpenACS Development: invalid "dt_get_info_from_db"

Posted by Lilian Tong on
Hi, I'm porting the calendar module. The error

invalid command name "dt_get_info_from_db"
         while executing
     "dt_get_info_from_db $date"
         ("uplevel" body line 159)
         invoked from within
     "uplevel {
               # /packages/calendar/www/cal-listview.tcl

was raised while executing the calendar. I think the cal-listview.tcl is calling "dt_get_info_from_db" in acs-datetime. I'm not sure if this is my porting problem or if this is the acs-datetime problem. Will anyone be able to help?

Thank you v.much.

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
I think that's a typo.  Try using dt_get_info instead.
Posted by Andrew Spencer on
I am not familiar with the calendar module, however the acs-datetime package did contain the "dt_get_info_from_db" procedure.  That procedure was replaced with "dt_get_info" as we are no longer relying on Oracle-specific functions to get the date information.
Posted by Lilian Tong on
Hey, thanx a lot. That solved my problem.