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9: Re: OpenACS bootcamp (response to 1)
Posted by Luigi Martini on
Thank you, Tracy.

Malte, S5 is GPL'ed and so compact, practical and straightforward that I would give it a deep look, in case a future need strikes. It offers already all you need to make a real life presentation (no unuseful frills). And Eric Meyer is developing it right now: I can guess that you, skilled people, with a small amount of contact and cooperation, could end up having a S5'ed package ready to plug into OpenAcs within short, for the future enjoyment of all.
As for myself, I'm too ignorant to positively cooperate, and be content to sit and wait for the online bootcamp, with the hope to learn something.

10: Re: Re: OpenACS bootcamp (response to 9)
Posted by Jarkko Laine on
Luigi (and all),

I've seriously considered making a micro-grant application for integrating S5 into WimpyPoint. I think it would be a huge improvement to the usability and usefulness of WP.