Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: LORS openacs-5-1-compat release

Posted by Andrew Grumet on
Stuff I did to get this up and running on a oacs-5-1 checkout:

1. get the code

cd /path/to/openacs/checkout/on/oacs-5-1/packages
cvs update -d lors lorsm-portlet dotlrn-lorsm lorsm views

2. edit the dotlrn install.xml file, which you should have already copied to, /install.xml adding

<install package="dotlrn-lorsm"/>

to the list of actions.

3. edit the default for the dotlrn parameter "default_class_instance_applets", adding ",dotlrn_lorsm" (no quotes) to the end of the existing default. **This must be done in APM, not from the "parameters" link on the site map.

4. bring up the web server and install openacs.

5. check to see if APM copied the lorsm templates (lorsm-default.*) to the main templates directory, /templates. If they aren't there for some reason (they didn't copy for me, still not sure why), copy them in from /packages/lorsm/templates/.