Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to why cannot see the pages outside of my machine?

Most likely your machine does not have DNS or its hostname set correctly.

Check that the commands

   grep `hostname` /etc/hosts
   nslookup `hostname`

all return expected and consistent information on your own machine. Then use nslookup on the other machines to look up (if that is the result of the hostname command on the OpenACS server machine!). I suspect that the other machines cannot convert (or whatever it really is) into an IP address using nslookup>, because you do not have DNS correctly set up for that machine.

If you are unable to set up DNS and are in a 'experimental' mood, you might find that putting an entry something like: mymachine

into /etc/hosts will act as a temporary workaround (replace with the actual IP address of the OpenACS server concerned!).

Documentation Team: Is this in the docs and/or the FAQ? It seems like it ought to be....?