Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to why cannot see the pages outside of my machine?


Thanks for the ACS history lesson 😊

While I agree that folks wanting to run OpenACS with no Unix networking background would be well advised to acquire some, and those with no system admin background would be well advised to read a good book on the topic... today's newcomers do not have that expectation.

People now seem to want a system that is very easy to install and start playing with, even withou reading the docs; only then will they be willing to make the learning investment necessary to use what they just installed more seriously.  Old-timers who grew up flipping switches to enter the bootstrap loader on a PDP, or whatever, may well feel that today's generation is asking an awful lot 😊

My next set of AOLserver RPMs will have the host and address parameters for nssock commented out, which will hopefully make "getting up and running" easier for some folks.