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Posted by Abrantes Filho on
Sory if this is a kind of "stupid question", but I would like to know if AOLserver is under active development today.

The latest new in AOLserver site was the release of 4.5.0 version, in 2006. I could not find any recent news about updates and bug fixes of AOLserver.

Maybe the developers are actively using IRC or e-mail to send notes to the world. Or maybe not.

Every day we get Apache or IIS updates to bug fixes and vulnerabilites, but AOLserver does not seen to provide this.

I am completely wrong? AOlserver is under active development and bug fixes?

Please, help me to understand the global picture of AOLserver development and bug fix cycles.


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Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Abrantes,

I don't think at all that is a stupid question - in fact, it's a very good question! Although there has not been a release of AOLserver in a while, the mailing list is still active with regular questions and discussions. You can subscribe to it here with any questions you may have:

It does appear that is down at the moment, but I don't know why.

hope this helps

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Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Hi Abrantes,

I would say that AOLServer 4.5 is very stable, which is why you don't see a lot of bug fixes or new releases.