Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting file Storage to work

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
From the sample config file for OpenACS

particularly this bit:


# If httpport is set to 80, you'll have to start AOLserver as root and pass the user 
# AOLserver will run as in the command line. (e.g. ./nsd -u nsadmin -g nsadmin -t ../nsd.tcl)
# (assuming you're starting AOLserver from the {aolserverdir}/bin directory.

set httpport               80 
set httpsport             443 

# Make sure your /etc/hostname is setup right, with your full domain. If you want AOLserver 
# to listen to instead of then hard code the appropriate domain  
# in the line below (e.g. set hostname
set hostname              [ns_info hostname]  
set address               [ns_info address] 

# You can name your server whatever you want, but you'll need a directory with that
# name under {aolserverdir}/servers/ writable by you AOLserver user.
# For example: if your AOLserver is in /usr/local/aolserver and your server is "server1"
# you will need a /usr/local/aolserver/servers/server1 directory.
set server                 "server1" 
set servername             "openacs" 

Sounds like you need to check here generally: