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Posted by Sascha Jakob on
Hello guys,

I have one question about TCL. I have seen that .LRN is devided into different namespaces. And some namespaces are using procedures from another namspaces. This is a normal thing.
But why does TCL know in which file which namespace is. Cause the filename of the TCL file is not the same as the namespace in the file. Is there anywhere a mapping file, that maps the namespace to a TCL file. Or how does it function?

Thanks a lot

2: Re: Something about TCL (response to 1)
Posted by Jarkko Laine on
Hi Sascha,

All *-procs.tcl files in [packagename]/tcl are loaded at AOLServer launch. Therefore it doesn't matter in which file a namespace is defined. Of course it is more elegant to name the files according to the namespace name but AFAIK it doesn't really matter as long as the file gets loaded.