Forum OpenACS Q&A: Alternative to orange xml button debate

Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi folks

I came accros this post

"The "XML" and "RSS" buttons will give way to "Subscribe" or "Stay Connected" buttons that, in addition to being more user friendly, will provide directions for newbies about how to take advantage of RSS-based subscriptions without using the words "RSS" or "XML" "

Obviously it's an end-user debate, but it might make sense to share some thought's as ultimatly this issue touches the functionality of the toolkit.

Does anybody have any thoughts on how we can upgrade navigation so xml feeds become a simply default notification option? Would it be an option to merge Larsblogger and Feedreader instead of having 2 seperate modules? At least it might end the debate about how to read/use feeds from external sources, ie, "the ? rss what is this" explanation. If it's in front of the user he/she doesn't need to ask, but only has to play...Simply put.. "rss is a fact of life". End-users don't share the developpers sentiments about the technology behind the feature, they either like or dislike it.