Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ns_sendmail CR/LF lost in some messages

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Ok, I've checked the output from my admin interface using both ns_log Notice and the (PRE) tag for the body of the message and it is properly formatted with the CR / LF pair.

Yet, some recipients are getting messages where the CR/LF is removed replaced with a space and the longer lines have the a new CR/LF at the end. Other recipients get the message as expected....

Also, it's not the browser as I first suspected.

Is there some trick in formatting or content-type or something to force all email clients to respect plain text formatting?

I could take the sendmail.tcl file from the aolserver source and revise it from ns_sendmail to bob_sendmail and put it in /serverx/tcl IF i can come up with a solution....

Or is it something beyond this....

Thank you