Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting current News items on Home Page!

Posted by Matthew Terenzio on
Here is an example of a page I am working on. I am no Tcl wizard, yet I managed to cobble together some code from other pages. Sort of Cave-man style but it works. Notice the ns_write "" Gilbert, which will will do just that and write everything between the quotes it to the document. You can use it to add HTML to the page in between(or around) the tcl code. By looking at the code and at the web page, you can see how I constructed it. The ad_header adds the beginning HTML tags. The ad_footer closes the HTML page. You'll see some tags which account for some missing HTML. I created these as an easy way to add HTML code I use a lot. Like a poor man's template. For more on how those work look HERE

One warning, the code will probably be available, but the web page may go down. Its being served by DSL and my provider went out of business (AGAIN!)

Here is the web page Page

Here is the code for the page in a text fileCode