Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting current News items on Home Page!

Posted by S. Y. on

Yes, I should have mentioned home study; that's what I meant. I think aD cut back on the 3-week boot camps since it was hard for people to give up that much time, especially people with jobs, lives, etc. Philip (that's his name, not "Phil" or "philg") used his own course at MIT as a little farm and started boot camps partly because he couldn't harvest enough ACS-qualified programmers out of his own little garden. 3-week boot camp was the initial incarnation, but almost nobody can/will give up that much time. No need to apologize about putting your family first.

Other good places to look for simple Tcl/ADP code: nsopenssl-tests.adp (in Scott Goodwin's nsopenssl code), maybe markd's aD Oracle driver tests, nstelemetry.adp (in the AOLserver source code), and simple example stuff in the AOLserver documentation. You can also try non-ACS specific stuff like

After messing around with a little bit of Tcl, you'll find some of the quirks about inserting text, escaping special characters, dealing with math/regexp/variables/whatever, etc. Make some trivial changes, then try something a little more complicated.

Don't give up: Remember that the OpenACS needs enthusiastic newcomers like you!