Forum OpenACS Q&A: AolServer configuration help

Posted by Asi Ziai on
I am testing an OpenACS installation on my MAC running Panther with Oracle 10g database and everything is working like a charm. My hat off to all community members to make it so painless.

To test the installation on a real site I need to do couple of things on AolServer that I seem to miss in the documentation.

My machine's host name is herma and its IP address is I tried to change the server, hostname on top of the configuration file and in nssock section to access OpenACS with another name or just www.herma to no avail. Any suggestions? Where else do I need to change.

If successful this site will reside in a complex DMZ architecture behind a public web site running Apache. The IT department will implement a proxy and will pass on all requests to AolServer. IT wants to restrict access to OpenACS server by forcing all requests to go through instead of the usual to. How does want go about configuring such a request?

Any help is appreciated