Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting current News items on Home Page!

Posted by S. Y. on

One more response tonight from me: Philip is probably rather used to people calling him the wrong thing nowadays. In his complaints, Philip is usually railing over inane/stupid questions (in his opinion); if you make a smart argument, but still use the wrong name, he often ignores it. If you are lame and stupid and you happen to use the wrong moniker, well, all hell can break loose. Heck, we're all human and people have bad days.

My brain is puny and weak so I tend to separate the UI/HTML issues (stuff like Excite- or Yahoo-style nested tables or style sheets) from the SQL/dynamically generated stuff. Templating is beyond my capacity and I don't worry too much about fonts. I create the brain-dead HTML templates and play around with the Tcl/ADP stuff separately. Only after both things are working well independently will I try incorporating things together.

If I have a total brain fade, I sometimes wrap output in PRE tags (GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out) or try to echo variables that I think I've declared. That's often good enough to debug nasty HTML coding or my own crummy programming - at least for me. By acknowledging my own stupidity, it's easier for me to break down complex problems (at least in my mind) into a series of individual, discrete, relatively simple tasks. I know this pathetic for some of the hotshot programmers out there, but that's the way I face many technical issues.