Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting current News items on Home Page!

Gilbert, sorry I should have posted the code up before. Here's what I have on that home page for News:

[reiterate_through_chunk $db news "< a href="/news/item.tcl?scope=public&news_item_id=$news_item_id">$title
< br>$pretty_release_date< br>$body (< a href="/news/item.tcl?scope=public&news_item_id=$news_item_id">Read more)
< br>< br clear=all>"]
Here's Events (Calendar):

[reiterate_through_chunk $db calendar "< a href="/calendar/item.tcl?scope=public&calendar_id=$calendar_id">$title
< br>$pretty_start_date (< a href="$calendar_link">Get More Info)
< br>< br>"]
Forums (bboard):

[reiterate_through_chunk $db threads "< a href="$msg_link">$one_line
< br>  $count recent messages in
< br>  $topic

and Classifieds (GC):

[reiterate_through_chunk $db recent_classifieds "< a href="$classified_ad_link">$one_line
< br>< br>"]
Note, get rid of the spaces after the "<" signs in the anchor tags and line breaks.

As you can see I'm using the heck out of Chunks. Although, it seems to not be updating everything like it should throughout the day. Sometimes I need to restart the server. If anyone fixes that, let me know!