Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting current News items on Home Page!

Posted by Gilbert Price on
Good Evening,

<p>I'm trying to get the "chunks" resources to work, my ad.ini or more specifically (defaultacs.tcl) file had no entries for the "chunks" procedures. I added the following to my file:

<pre>ns_section ns/server/${server}/acs/chunks

        ns_param NewsCacheLength=3600
        ns_param MaxNews=3
        ns_param MaxNewsBodyLength=120

        ns_param BboardCacheLength=3600
        ns_param MaxBboardThreads=5
        ns_param MaxMsgBodyLength=120
        ns_param CountOldMessages=10

        ns_param EventsCacheLength=3600
        ns_param MaxEvents=5
        ns_param MaxEventBodyLength=120

        ns_param ClassifiedsCacheLength=3600
        ns_param MaxAds=5

        ns_param AuctionsCacheLength=3600
        ns_param MaxAuctions=5
        ns_param CountOldBids=10</pre>

<p>When I restart my aolserver, it just don't go - When I remove the above, it starts normally. No errors are in my .log file. If you've got any ideas, I'm open to all suggestions!