Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Getting current News items on Home Page!

Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Guys,

I have almost the same problem with Gilbert.  Although a little
different.  I am now using OpenACS 4.x for this site.

Same issue on the home page.  My issue is that a copy of 2 instances
of a news
modules must be displayed on the home page.

I have 2 news instances that is mounted on /press and another on
/articles.  The home page will have a snap shot of both.  In OpenACS4
rather than making 2 tcl or adp file.  I just used the templating
system.  Basically the news modules use the master template that i
created.  My master template is smart enought to apply the look based
on the URL.  It still uses the skin module but slightly modified.

Anyway what is the best way to do a copy to 2 separate news package
instance?  I would like to do this the OpenACS 4.x way rather than
making a tcl file that gets the data from the db.  There are portlets
right?  Is this the best way?  I want to uses existing OpenACS 4.x
services/features as much as possible.  Thanks.