Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS 4 on Mac OS X (and Darwin) HOWTO now available

I've seen a mention of qmail on OS X, but that is about all I know
(can't remember where).

I'll use this post as an example to show how you can find *nix
software for Mac OS X or Darwin:

I've checked and http://, but haven't found mention of qmail
(well actually, there was one patch that was a year old for Mac
OS X Server).  Both are good resources for whether applications
have been ported.  Versiontracker is biased toward binary
distribution rather than the build process.

Fink (, is a package manager
system for Mac OS X and Darwin) didn't find anything for qmail...

You might want to check out
devel/darwin_ports/ for information about the BSD ports system
(another package management system) on Darwin.  2000+ (of
around 5000 BSD ports total) ports have been made available to
Darwin/Mac OS X.  Looking at the OpenACS 4/FreeBSD
installation guide I noticed that qmail came under the BSD ports

OpenPackages ( looks like
another flavor of the BSD ports collection...

And finally, you can just download the source for qmail and see if
it compiles.  Of course you need a copy of Darwin or Mac OS X
around to do this.  Since you haven't purchased a Mac yet, if you
are really curious you could try Darwin on x86 hardware (http:// if you have a box lying

All in all, if it is *nix based software there is pretty goddamn good
chance that it will either work with no changes or be ported soon.

Please keep me informed of what you find out.  Also if you get
any of this stuff working you may want to let the person that runs
this page know:

Oh yeah, sendmail ships with Mac OS X, you just have to flip a
switch in /etc/hostconfig (there is probably a GUI way to do this
too) and then do the normal sendmail configuration (yuck).

Good luck,