Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS 4 on Mac OS X (and Darwin) HOWTO now available

Thanks guys, I'm doing my "due diligence" before I come to a decision whether or not I return to the Mac flock. I figure I still need to wait a while for native OS X version of Photoshop (plus I'd like a choice of iBook colors 😊 but if I can have qmail/nmh/exmh/fetchmail, Quicken, Emacs, and a web browser, that pretty much covers my "killer apps". I'll continue to look at those sites for more information.

Sadly, I'm on dialup PPP for the time being, so I doesn't look like I'll be trying Darwin on x86 anytime soon. Again, thanks for all the info, and if anyone gets qmail to work on a Mac, please post your success story here.