Forum OpenACS Q&A: boring data model book suggestions?

Posted by good bye on
Does anyone have recommendations on books which
describe how to build data models for boring, yet
essential real-world applications? For instance:

- class scheduling systems

- medical informatics systems

- inventory and billing systems

Most data modeling books I have seen are obtuse
things about 3rd normal form and ER diagrams...
I'm not really interested in that. I'm looking for
more of a "here is a basic data model for a shipping company"
type book, if anything like that exists. A learn by example
type book.

Posted by John Sequeira on
"Data Model Patterns" by David C Hay is probably what you want.

It doesn't cover class scheduling,  but you can always look at the OpenACS source code for that.

Also,  "Object Models: Stategies, Patterns and Applications" has some interesting case studies.  It's no directly applicable to relational databases - more about the middle tier (OO layer),  but still worth a look.

Posted by Fred Yankowski on
I recommend "Analysis Patterns" by Martin Fowler (1997).  It's more general than what you asked for, but the patterns could form a strong foundation for particular vertical applications such as your shipping company example.  The book presents object models, not relational database models.