Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to request for review: TUX and nsd document

Posted by mark dalrymple on
We're probably all talking at cross-purposes here.  The whole TUX thing is pretty neat, and it sounds like Todd has a fun exercise of mixing two pretty neat technologies (aolserver / tux).  For a site that's primarily static content, this could be a win when it starts being network I/O bound, he TUX kernal optimizations can be a big win.  For most sites that (open)acs is targeted for, the work profile is heavily on database / application server: churning through tables of data, running tcl and checking permissions and processing templates and all that fun stuff.  Disk I/O and CPU are the bottlenecks, network I/O is barely a blip on the radar, which is why many folks are probably looking at this project and going "huh??"