Forum OpenACS Q&A: Error: Relation 'default_email_types'

Posted by Allan Lemos on
Hi all,

I am using PG 7.1 and OpenACS 3.2.5, I have encountered a problem with
the following:

Error: Ns_PgExec:

Error: dbinit: error(localhost::acs, Error.....

Error: Database operation "dml" failed

This give me an error message that: Relation 'default_email_types'
does not exist.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out or point me in the
right way for this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Allan Cardech Lemos.

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
You did load www/doc/sql/load-data-model.sql, right?  Did you save its output and grep for ERRORs?  This particular table is defined by sql/spam.sql, which is included by load-data-model.