Forum OpenACS Q&A: ArsDigitas acs-3-4-10-R20010211

Posted by Joe Amaral on
Is there any upgrade process to go from ArsDigitas ACS v acs-3-4-10-R20010211 to OpenACS?


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
You might want to ask MIT Sloan and AIESEC / Azri. Both did the move up from ACES, which was based on ACS 3.4. All I can say, it ain't pretty, but you can do it.
Posted by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini on
yes, but instead of upgrading, you migrate, with a set of scripts and mapping tables, you grab the data from the original database and put it in the new installation.
Posted by Jade Rubick on
It's very difficult, but we did it. A lot depends on what packages of ACS you were using.
Posted by Harish Krishnan on
We worked on migrating which was running on (open)acs 3.x to dotlrn 1.0 /openacs 4.6.3. It was a migration of a huge system. The scripts were based on MIT sloan's scripts. A lot of changes and additions had to be done .. many AIESEC specific. IMHO it might actually make more sense to migrate directly to openacs 5.x , even the migration process would be easier as the system has better APIs.