Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 18 Jan 2005

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Present: Andrew, Caroline, Dave, Don, Joel, Malte, Rocael

  • Don discussed work in progress on pagination for bug-tracker and forums
  • Rocael will have some CR fixes that require 5.1.5, after which we hope to avoid further 5.1.x releases.
  • We discussed the 5.2 release. Jeff has merged 5.1.4 back to HEAD, and HEAD installs fine in PG and with some errors in Oracle. We are imposing a feature freeze on core HEAD effective immediately, to be policed through cvs logs. Next steps include Rocael providing test hosting (Feb), adding more automated tests (now), and bug fixes. The goal is to release 5.2.0 in March. We will branch as late as possible.