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Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Gustaf,

Yes, I use the news prototype page as an includelet in other page. My page has the following code:

{{news -summary 1 -page_size 1}}

The news object created has the following code:

  # A sample News object.
  my initialize -parameter {
    {-page_size:integer 10}
    {-page_number:integer 1}
    {-summary:boolean 0}
    {-date ""}
    {-tag ""}
    {-ptag ""}
    {-entries_of en:news-item|en:announcement-talk|en:announcement-workshop}

  my get_parameters
  # Don't add the footer (with tags, general comments, etc.) to the
  # aggregated page, since this can be confusing..
  [my info parent] set __no_footer 1

  # Provide a tailored link for creating new pages in the wiki menu
  set forms [::xowiki::Weblog instantiate_forms  -entries_of $entries_of  -package_id $package_id]
  set template_id [lindex $forms 0]
  set form_link [$package_id pretty_link [$template_id name]]
  set new_link  [$package_id make_link -link $form_link $template_id create-new return_url]

  [my info parent] set __link(new) $new_link

  # The following definition is the default rendering per
  # news entry. This is executed in the context of every displayed page.
  Class create EntryRenderer -instproc render {} {
    my instvar package_id name title creator creation_user pretty_date description publish_date
    [my set __parent] instvar weblog_obj

    set link [::xowiki::Includelet detail_link  -package_id $package_id -name $name  -instance_attributes [my get_instance_attributes]]
    regsub -all & $link "&" link
    set more [expr {[$weblog_obj summary] ?
                    " <span class='more'> \[<a href='$link'>more...</a>\]</span>" : ""}]
    #append more "<p></p>"
    set day [lc_time_fmt [my set publish_date] "%x"]
    set my_footer [my htmlFooter]

    set edit_button [my include [list edit-item-button -book_mode true]]
    if {$edit_button ne ""} {set edit_button "<div style='float: right'>$edit_button</div>"}
    append content "<DIV class='news-item' style='clear: both;'>" $edit_button  "<div class='item-header'><h2><a href='$link'>[ad_quotehtml $title]</a></h2>"  "&nbsp;<span class='date'>($day)</span></div>\n"  $description $more $my_footer \n "</DIV>"

  # The following definition is the renderer for the aggregated content.
  # This is executed in the context of the whole weblog object
  Class create NewsRenderer -instproc render {} {
    my instvar filter_msg link name prev_page_link next_page_link title package_id

    set filter ""
    set prev ""
    set next ""

    if {[info exists filter_msg]} {
      set filter  "<div class='filter'>$filter_msg</div>"
    if {[info exists prev_page_link]} {
      set prev "<a href='$prev_page_link'> <img border=0 src='/resources/acs-subsite/left.gif'  alt='Previous Page' style='float: left;  top: 0px;'></a>"
    if {[info exists next_page_link]} {
      set next "<a href='$next_page_link'> <img border=0 src='/resources/acs-subsite/right.gif'  alt='Next Page' style='float: left;  top: 0px;'></a>"
    # Include the RSS Button
    set page [my set __page]
    set rss [$page include "rss-button -title {[$page title]} -entries_of [my entries_of] -decoration none"]
    # If the user has creation rights (on the first form), include the RSS Bookmarklet button
    if {[my exists form_items]} {
      set can_create_news_item [$package_id make_link [lindex [my set form_items] 0] create-new return_url]
      if {$can_create_news_item ne ""} {
        append rss "Bookmarklet: " [$page include "bookmarklet-button -label {[$page title]}"]

    return "<div class='weblog'> $filter [next] $prev $next <br>$rss</div>"

  my proc content {} {
    my get_parameters
    set page [my info parent]

    if {[$page exists __including_page]} {
      set i [$page set __including_page]
      set exclude_item_ids [$i item_id]
      $i set render_adp 0  ;# no double substitutions
      #my log "--W including page $i"
    } else {
      #my log "--W NO including page"
      set exclude_item_ids [$page item_id]

    # on the news page, an edit-new should not create an object
    ::xo::cc set_parameter object_type ::xowiki::Page
    ::xo::cc set_parameter autoname 1

    # use the above defined custom renderers
    set renderer      [self]::NewsRenderer
    set entry_renderer [self]::EntryRenderer

    set w [::xowiki::Weblog new -destroy_on_cleanup  -package_id $package_id  -page_size $page_size  -page_number $page_number  -summary $summary  -date $date  -category_id [ns_queryget category_id]  -tag $tag  -ptag $ptag  -entry_label "News Articles"  -exclude_item_ids $exclude_item_ids  -entry_renderer $entry_renderer  -entry_flag __no_form_page_footer  -entries_of $entries_of  ]
    $w set __page $page
    $w mixin add $renderer
    return [$w render]

Any idea on that?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Thanks, that helped. The weblog class was not fetching always the parent_id, so it defaulted to -100; it is fixed in cvs head and in oacs-5-4

best regards
-gustaf neumann

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Gustaf,

Thank you very much for your help. It's all working now.