Forum .LRN Q&A: Feedback: SCORM and Quiz (assessment) and grading

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Reload as an editor works very well. Sadly it does not allow you to create the content itself. For this I got the Feedback that NVU ( is easy to use and worth a try.

The courses generated this way work well with LORS. Sadly you cannot delete courses from LORS or hide them from view.

Furthermore, there does not exist a way to import a connected QUIZ into .LRN. This is due to the fact that LORS does not know about assessment and how to import the content there. Funnily though, if you import the same package again into assessment seperately, it works. Kudos to Eduardo for this. It would be great though if you could have this done and handled automatically through LORS.

Another step would be to enable a QUIZ only if the content associated with the QUIZ has been read completely. This should be easy to achieve once the branching interface with precondition checking works within assessment, but it should be done and thought through nevertheless.

Using Evaluation you should be able to make an assessment count for the grade as well. This should allow you to distinguish a grade relevant test from a simple QUIZ for self-controlling. Both would be provided through assessment though.

For the creation of Tests and Assessments people have been successful so far with Respondus ( and QAed (