Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Duplicate keys on assessment - possible CR bug

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi everybody,

In my understanding about this thread, the Deadlock problem is solved when you use PostgreSQL 8.2.X, right? So, in OpenACS 5.4 is the lock removed? Because I'm watching the HEAD version of acs-content-repository and the lock is still there. I'm running an assessment with a lot of concurrent users and this lock seems a performance problem to me.

With PostgreSQL MVCC improvements for 8.2.X, can I just coment out the lock line in assessment? Or is somebody going to fix this for the next version?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
You are right, i have removed the LOCK statements in CVS head.
Posted by Luke Pond on
Thanks Gustaf, I just updated my CR to remove those LOCK TABLE statements and wanted to report that it made a significant improvement to the assessment page load times when posting a page full of questions. Also copying a large assessment with hundreds of content items is MUCH faster now.

So I'd encorage anyone who with a newer version of Postgres to make sure those LOCK TABLE statements are not being used. Look in acs-content-repository/tcl/content-item-procs.tcl and content-revision-procs.tcl.